Triple Six Comics



This publication is intended for ADULTS ONLY, therefore you must be 21 years of age to purchase this graphic novel.

This graphic novella is offered as a FANTASY/FINE ART publication that presents only a fictional artistic vision.  No religion, act, or social message is intended to be conveyed.  No part is to be taken literally or seriously, or acted upon by any individual. The publisher, writers, and artists all disavow any message, act (visual or implied), or representations depicted in this publication as real and acceptable behavior and do not advise any action be taken on behalf of the reader outside of pure enjoyment and appreciation for the art.   Each adult must make up his own informed decisions as to how he chooses to engage him or herself in a complex world.

Any similarity between actual persons or places and those represented in this publication is purely coincidental.

The publisher, artists and writers of this publication in NO WAY CONDONE sexual relations with minors or animals in any form, engagements of non-consensual sex, or violence towards others.

All materials are copyrighted. Permission to reproduce any material in this issue, in whole or in part, must be obtained directly from the publisher.  Submissions for possible publication are accepted, however, the publisher disclaims all responsibility to return unsolicited materials.

For additional inquiries, purchases, and general information regarding this publication, use the contact link in the main menu.